Annalee Foster

Annalee Foster

“Her face is a 3, and her personality is a 7, so she’s basically a 10.” -Random Dude

“She’s a persistent pain in the butt.” -That one congressmen who finally voted the way I needed him to while lobbying with The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (

“I should have swiped left.” -EVERY accidental right swipe on Tinder

“She’s the meanest mom ever.” -The kid

“She’s a real sweetheart.” -Grandma

“She’s my kid’s favorite (probably because she acts just like them.)” -The siblings…and everyone else who trusts me with their tiny humans.

“She’s funny. Like guy funny. She has dude humor.” -Rob

“I’m not saying anything that will end up on her blog.” -Bobby ( by the way. Check it out.)

Let’s hang out, listen to cool music, talk about awesome stuff, and have some laughs and coffee. Weekday mornings with you are my favorite!